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When it comes to web design and building websites in Auckland, it seems that authenticity and production time can be in conflict at times.

Web Design Details

Given this rapid expectant pace, many what may seem like small details can be over looked in the website and development stage. While these details can appear to be minor, they can take a nice website to be awesome if the correct care is taken!

Details that don’t drive the main design can be left out which could change the overall look and feel of a website  which could lead to extra business leads and sales.

This can be documented and discussed in the exploring and brainstorming stage of web design before the web developers starts with the framework.

Web design planning  for the slightest nuances can have a definite impact on the quality of the final website.

Every design element covered before the process is under way can lead to an original website design and development that can set you apart from your opposition.

Here are some elements to take note of before web developers begin the framework:

free-consultation1. Website Font Links

While styling the various states of a link is indeed rather basic, you might be surprised by just how often all of the extra details are overlooked. Include the following states for all links on the page:

  • Font Normal
    Link before it is hovered , clicked or visited.
  • Font Visited
    This is a link that is not being hovered over by mouse (user).
  • Font Active
    An active link is clicked on.
  • Font Hover
    This is link that when the mouse overed should change colour.

2. Web Design On-line Forms

This can be neglected since it can be left to default text and colours.

Two of the most important factors when designing out a web form are:

  • Form label
    Exact purpose and relevance to customer and business needing info.
  • Input fields and labels
    How the labels and fields look in size, roundedness and font.

3. Web design Buttons

Buttons act as call to action so do play a major part in website design and development, some important aesthetics:

  • Simple
  • Minimalistic
  • Choice of font to be relevant
  • Shading to form contrasts

4. Background on mobile devices

Backgrounds don’t appear on mobile website views and can slow the website down if high pixels are used so minimal colour and gradients seem to be the trends theses days.

5. Image sliders

  • Image rotators
    Slideshows are all the rage, especially on the home page and a wide range of options is available for transitions and styles.
  • Lightbox
    Lightbox itself is very useful for showing images of products and portfolios.

5. Responsive web design testing

Responsive web design testing is the process in which the website is tested with Android , Apple and all desk top browsers. This can be over looked but is so important with high percentage of mobile searches been done.

In conclusion that the greater part of the whole is made up of many details so lets not forget the details.